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The Bride to Be Academy is a place where you can learn exactly what you need to do to plan your wedding virtually. We don't plan your wedding for you, but we show you exactly what you need to do to do it yourself!  We have courses and freebies that will help you along your wedding journey, save you cash and save you a lot of time! Why thumb through tons of websites trying to figure you what to do next? Our courses provides you with step by step instructions to help you with all of your wedding tasks. Most brides just jump right in not knowing what to do first or how to do it correctly. So they go through a lot of trial and error and they waste a lot of time and cash. We are here to help you avoid that! 

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Let us help organize your chaos!

This Wedding checklist will help to get you organized so you don't miss doing anything! It gives you an easy time line to follow to make sure you are getting things done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you have already started the planning the process this course will still be a necessity. We outline the entire process up to your wedding day! 

We are having a huge launch for this course coming up in the next couple of months so everyone will have full access at that time.  Be sure to get on the waiting list to find out exactly when it drops! 

This course is for that bride that wants a front seat in the planning of their wedding. If you have a full service planner that is planning your entire wedding then this is NOT for you. If you have a day of or month of planner then this course is definitely for you. 

Get organized. Save money. Get your shhhh done!

The Boss Bride Wedding Creation course is walking you, step-by-step, through our proven framework to show you how to manage your own wedding planning journey. Not only are you getting all the tips and secrets to help you save some cash but your getting the organizational tools to help you stay organized.  We’re getting you to a better place so you can spend less time being a frazzled hot mess and more time checking things off like the total rockstar you are!

""I saved hundreds of dollars just from the first 15 minutes of the course, so technically this course was free for me! " Well worth it! - Jessica L."

Boss Bride

""This course saved me so much time because I did not have to do all of this research on my own! I have all the tools I need to get started on my own wedding now!""

Boss Bride

Do you want to be BOSS bride?

In this course you will go from an overwhelmed and unorganized bride to be to a knowledgeable and strategic money saving bride pro! You will tackle every issue that comes your way with confidence and ease...with or without a wedding planner!


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