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10 Things I wish I knew when I planned my own Wedding!

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2019

With experience, comes wisdom.

I have learned so much about weddings over the years. I have helped so many brides with their own weddings and helped them to have a stress free gorgeous wedding. I have been in the wedding industry for over 10 years, so because of that, I have learned ALOT! Brides always come to me with questions and I am always willing to help!

Do I want to plan weddings as a career, NOPE LOL! I love wedding stationery. But can I tell you exactly how to make your day go perfectly, YUP! Not only can I do it, I am pretty darn good at it! I have brides emailing me all of the time about how I completely helped them transform their weddings and I taught them how to do it while saving some cash!

How I WISH I knew these when we planned our own wedding!

I thought I could share some of the most important wedding planning tips that might just save you time… and maybe some money.

Here’s the10 wedding planning tips I have for you after 10+ years of experience in the wedding industry.

The list is long, so let’s dive in, one at a time.

1. The best way to stay organized and not be swamped with spam on your personal or work email is to create a separate email just for your wedding admin.
All in one place, so you can both access and things.

2, On the morning of the wedding preparations, you would still be photographed. Don't throw on yoga pants! Something with a low neck or a zipper would be much more practical when you have your hair done and need to change into the wedding dress.

3. Want to keep your flowers fresh overnight? Just add baking powder in the water!

4. Be the last one to get your hair and makeup done. Firstly, your hair as a bride needs to last as long as possible. Do allow around 2 hours to have it done + a bit extra for getting dressed. Secondly, it’s a good time for your photographer to arrive in the morning. Your bridesmaids are all pretty and made-up instead of spinning in circles and trying to hide away from the camera. It happens every time, I promise.

5. A wedding day is filled with excitement, adrenalin and you most likely forget important things – like eating. As a bride you should absolutely be a priority to eat in the morning and lunch time as well as for the bridesmaids or whoever is with you in the morning. Your parents, friends, photographer, children, everyone needs to be fed to keep people standing till the end.

6. Avoid tall centerpieces on the bride and groom table. on the Ok, ok, they look pretty nice in pictures, when everything is set up and nobody is in the room.
BUT! It is so freaking hard and almost impossible to have a nice photo of people at the table, when something 10 feet high is standing right in front of them!

There are always faces covered and no matter how much of a ninja photographer you were, there’s no way you will be able to get good photos!
It may be my personal preference, but there was more than one occasion when I had to remove the decor from the main table so I could get a good shoot of the people’s faces during the speeches.

7. The entertainment is what makes or breaks the atmosphere during the wedding party.
No matter how much money you’ve invested in the venue, food, vendors, if your reception has nothing exciting, people won’t have much to remember.
Wouldn’t you want your friends and family to remember your day by how fun it all was? And how often do you get your best friends all in one place? One thing I’ve learned, no matter the age, people love to have fun and they’re always looking for a good band or DJ! 

8. There’s a slight possibility some things won’t go as planned. Be flexible. If it rains instead of the beautiful sunny day you asked for, don’t worry, we’re all waterproof.

9. Be sure to tell your photographer to edit out the shots of you in your underwear before they send photos out! They always photograph you putting on your dress so there may be a few nudes in there! They also send out your photos to your wedding planner, and some of your vendors. Be sure you ask to see them first and make sure those are taken out!

10. Make sure there is a person assigned to the ring bearers and flower girls in your wedding. Often times they are forgotten about and they should not be running around alone. Just assign them a person that can look after them the whole night! This person should not be their parents, they want to enjoy your wedding also!



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