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How to call off your wedding! Yup, it happens!

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2019

Are you having thoughts of just calling off your wedding? Don't feel bad, it happens. I can tell you this it is better to be safe than sorry! If you are having doubts then listen to them. 

Rescheduling a wedding or calling it off can be very difficult and at the time you probably are not thinking clearly. Maybe a family member is ill, or you decided you want to elope or you decided you chose the wrong partner. Whatever the reason, it is your reason and it is perfectly fine. Don't feel bad about it or shameful. You are not the first person to go through this and you will not be the last. 

Figuring out how to cancel an event while dealing with all of these emotions in your head can be difficult. So we have a handy checklist that will keep you on track! Thank me later! :) 

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